All About Wood Decks


A wood deck is a great place to have family gatherings, entertain friends, and have a place to relax at the end of the day. Taking care of the deck is important to ensure that it will last for years to come. Pressure washers will clean a deck better than trying to clean it with a hard bristled broom, and the deck should be washed before adding any stain or sealants. Rain repelling products seal the wood and protect it from the elements of the seasons from the rain, snow, and will protect it from the damaging rays of the sun. Deck protecting products are easy to apply with a deck stain applicator; smaller applicators make the job easier for applying the sealant to the railings and the posts that are around the deck.

Families cannot have a functional deck without patio furniture to sit and relax on. Chairs, tables, lounge chairs, umbrellas, chaise lounges, and benches provide seating for party guests. Protecting the patio furniture is just as important as protecting the deck. Covers for the furniture can be found reasonably priced to make the furniture last for several years. A barbecue grill should be added to the deck for all of the outdoor cooking and have all of the essential BBQ tools, summer themed glasses, plates, margarita glasses, platters, and an apron for the chef to pull the party theme together.

To provide a beautiful setting beside the wood deck, add birdbaths, water fountains, ponds, plants, garden statues, soft lighting, or a waterfall. This will provide a setting that everyone will enjoy looking at and will offer a relaxing environment. A great option for on a deck or even by itself is a meditation room. It can be a made on the deck or a small separate area that is approximately three foot by six foot, and about ten foot high, that one can drape sheer curtains around as walls. The area can be whatever measurements one desires, but it is a little room where only a pillow would be to sit on to just sit and meditate.

The Zen like room should have a small waterfall to listen to trickling water and one could burn incense or light a candle for aroma therapy. Just make sure that there is no open flame and the bottoms of the curtains are secure. The curtains can be pulled back when not in use or to provide an inside home feeling.Patio planters, flower boxes, and decorative items can be added to the wood deck for flowers, miniature trees, and other plants to add greenery to the deck. Flowers can be started from seed kits in the end of the winter months to save money, and wildflower seeds can be added to the areas of the yard that are hard to mow. Wildflowers are a great way to add color to any area and they give the birds and the butterflies a vacation spot in the backyard. If you are looking for the best decking companies in South Africa then visit this website.